The List of Popular Festivals in Turkey with Alaska Airlines

Turkey has a beautiful culture and a mind-blowing landscape. It is known for various holidays and festivals some of which are made popular to project a modern image of the country. There is a variety in the festivals of Turkey like cultural events, religious festivals, outdoor events, and nightlife events, etc. There are local festivals celebrated in most parts of the country.

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For traveling to your beloved destination avail Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket. The following are the list of festivals that are celebrated in the city of Turkey.

 Izmir world fair

 Izmir is popularly known for being host to the world’s oldest festival. The festival is generally held at the beginning of September. The organization of fair is by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. It is a social and musical event.


 The major festival in Turkey is Ramazan. It is a Muslim month where people follow various restrictions in the form of water, food, and tobacco. Most of the individuals of Turkey are fasting from dawn to dusk.

Kadir Gecesi

The festival is all about when Mohammed received Koran from Kristus. The festival takes place on the 27th and 28th of Ramadan. The mosques are beautifully decorated for the entire month and prayers are given special value.

 Seker and Kurban festivals

 The festival is followed right after Ramazan. The festival is characterized by family reunions, giving candies to children and restricting from going to the restaurants. The traveling becomes difficult during Seker and Kurban festivals.

 Folk dance festival

The folk-dance festival provides an opportunity for everyone to see Turkish’s best dance troupe. The dancers perform in traditional costumes.

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