Must-Know Wacky and Wonderful Facts of Russia

Russia, a transcontinental country situated in Eastern Europe and North Asia is the largest country in the world based on its area. Even though it is the world’s largest country, there are many facts about Russia that is not known to a lot of people. Let’s see some of the country’s most wacky and wonderful facts here!

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Below are some of Russia’s most wacky and wonderful facts:

  1. About 75% of Russia’s territory is located in Asia.
  2. Russians are known for hanging carpets on their walls.
  3. They did not consider beer as an alcoholic drink until 2011.
  4. It is believed that one out of every four Russian men dies before their 55th birthday.
  5. Some bears in the country are addicted to jet fuel.
  6. Some elites in the country sometimes drive ambulances to escape the long traffic jam.
  7. Before flying, Russians tend to sit quietly for a few seconds.
  8. They superstitiously believe that whistling indoors should be avoided.
  9. The country shares portions of its border with 14 different countries.
  10. About half of the county is covered with forests.
  11. About 99.7% of the Russians are literate.
  12. Russian is famous as one of the five most spoken languages in the entire world.
  13. Moscow, the capital of Russia has the highest number of billionaires than the rest of the world.
  14. The world’s leading oil producer in Russia.
  15. It has been recorded that the country is home to about 780 species of birds.

And now, we can all stop wondering why this country is as great as it is, but just go ahead and add Russia to your bucket list. A country is genuinely worth-visiting!